Ray Verdone's Resume.

Resume and skills matrix in PDF format and MS Word format

Completed 4 contracts with Sierra Systems and the Alberta Energy Regulator between November 2012 and March 2015.

Since leaving my last assignment at Talisman Energy, I have declared myself to be "on sabbatical". I have caught up with a number of personal projects and tasks including being President and Webmaster for the Alberta Model Engineering Society. I may still consider returning to work on a short term and/or part time assignment basis. My considerable and varied IT Experience makes me suitable for any number of assignments. I would be happy to discuss any potential assignments with you.

In addition to the Information Technology background I describe in my resume, I also maintain the following web sites for friends and associates. This has permitted me to stay in touch with software development and web technologies which I would not otherwise have had a chance to enjoy as a full time IT Team Lead/Project manager.

www.ironhorsepark.net AMES - Alberta Model Engineeting Society's web site.
www.amiq.org 20 years of research in the Bering Islands of Russia and Alaska.
www.shirleyarts.com Shirley is an artist, illustrator, and cartoonist from Calgary, Alberta. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University in Montreal. She has honed her cartooning skills over the last 35 years while, at the same time, raising her 4 children.
www.aleutbaskets.com Traditional miniature basket weaving from the Bering Island.
www.cprsteam.org Database of all steam locomotive ever operated by the CPR. Includes over 600 photographs and the history of each locomotive from it's construction to it's final demise. This site in interactive and uses a PERL and MySQL back end. This site is password protected. Authorization can be obtained by contacting me.
www.mycontactsanywhere.net Store your contact information "in the cloud" and access, use, and print from anywhere through the web. Fully functional, feature rich with more to come. Free and available now through self registration. Try it now, or at least click on the links to get more info.
My hobby. Check this out! As president of the Alberta Model Engineering Society (see www.ironhorsepark.net) I am extremely busy. But I do make some time to play with my steam locomotive at the park as well. Check it out!
Aurelio Verdone - Saga My dad died on January 18, 2008. During the years between 1994 and 1999 he spent many hours documenting the time from his earliest memories to his marriage to my mom in 1951. He called this "the Verdone Saga". My son Michael used the text documents dad created and created this website. It has been off line for quite a while but, at the request of some of my relatives, here it is again. Enjoy.

Contact ray@verdone.ca.