Who are we?
Where do we come from?
Why are we here?
What is our future?

These questions have been asked since man was given the ability to think. The last two questions have not yet been answered by anyone, be they theologians, scientists, emperors or popes, and I will not try to answer them. The first two, however, we can attempt to give some answers. Because we are in Canada and our roots are in Italy, the only thing we can record are those that we remember, or those things and events that were told to us by our progenitors, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles older than ourselves.

Search for documents could be done in Italy, if the records were not destroyed during the Second World War since our places of origin were bombed and overrun by German, British, Canadian, and United States soldiers.

If anyone who reads this narrative can add any information, I will be glad to include it.

So, this is how we started;

Typed Oct. 31, 1995.
Dictated November 28, 1990, 7:00PM

Dear Litio and Elly,

I would like to embark on a project on which I would want to have some assistance. What I would like to do is to put down on these tapes all I can remember of our parents and grandparents, our lives in Italy of which I don't remember much, and any events which come to mind up to the present day. The reason I am doing this is that whenever we mention events that took place before the our children, they make the comment; "Gee Dad, why don't you write this down." So this is the main reason; to let them know something of what our earlier way of life was like.

I have many documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, travel documents to come to Canada, citizenship papers bearing our parents names as well as our names. These documents, with any other papers I can find within the family, as well as photos would be included in this write up. In the matter of typing, I would like Elly to undertake this work as she is the only one in the family that could do this work.

However, this was not to be. Litio was not well when I sent him the first tape. Later he had to undergo medical operations and he could not give this project his valued assistance. He died June 18, 1992. goes the beginning of our history.

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