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The Verdone Saga Volume 1

Our Ancestors
Back In Italy (c. 1910-1912)
Lifestyle In The Countryside
Maria In Italy While Roberto In Montreal (1925-1927)
Personal Rememberances
Mother And Four Children Go To Canada (1927)
Roberto's War Service (1915-1918)
The Delli Colli Family, Italy And Brazil
Maria's Activities
The Location Of Campo (In Galluccio)
Routine Life At Campo
The Family Leaves Naples, Destination Montreal
Other Voices

The Verdone Saga Volume 2

Arrival And Residence On DeLaroche Street (Other Voices)
The House On Lajeunesse Street (Other Voices)
May 1932 To April 1937 (Other Voices)
May 1937 To April 1945 (Other Voices)
Military Service, August 10 1944 to April 5 1946
September 1945 to May 27 1950

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