Other Voices
Typed July 3, 1997.


My first remembrance is an event on DeLaroche street.

One day Mama and Papa returned from shopping with a large number of food parcels. There were many brown paper bags on the table and we were all around anxious to see what was inside of them. Aurelio climbed on a chair and took one bag in his small hands and the bag started to spill something. It was sugar. Mother said be careful or all the sugar will be spilled on the floor. But dad was saying laughingly, empty it all on the floor and we will go and buy some more. Here we have a lot of sugar at very low prices and we never run short.


When we lived on De Laroche street Litio and I went to school. On Beaubien street there were some empty stores next to the fire station and they were converted into classrooms. We went to the school before Christmas, maybe sometime in November and stayed there until we moved to Lajeunesse street. The instructions were given in English only.

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